Ritesh Bachhar

Graduate student at University of Rhode Isalnd | Gravitational Wave Astrophysicist

Surrogate Modeling

Data-driven wavefrom model that can accurately produce perturbation theory waveform. This is achieved by first building a set of basis using scarce theory-based waveforms, then using state-of-the-art interpolation techniques accurate waveforms are produced.

Tidal Interaciton of Black Holes

Exploring the process of angular momentum transfer from spin angular mometum of individual black holes to the orbital angular momentum. I am collaborating with Dr. Richard Price in this project.

Waveform Uncertainty

Inaccurate waveform affect affect detection to parameter estimation of gravitational waves. In this work, I am collaborating with Dr. Purrer to incorpore wavefrom uncertainty in parameter estimation of gravitational wave sources.

About Me

I am a second year PhD student at the University of Rhode Island. Before, I finised my master's in physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.
My main research insterests are surrogate modeling of gravitational waves and studing interaction of black holes using gravitational wave. For more information please visit projects.